Recession Proof?

I was describing the value that DCG provides to its clients to a new acquaintance over the weekend.  He does not work in IT.  Naturally, he asked the question that we are all asking each other these days, "How will your business be affected by the recession?"  I responded with my usual statement that our business is pretty recession proof, in fact we are very busy right now, because our clients prioritize different things at different times in the cycle.  When times are good, our clients are interest in process improvement and measurement because they need to find ways to deliver more projects with a shorter time to market to keep pace with expanding business.  Productivity and quality? Yeah, sure - as soon as we get these projects out.  Now, the focus is on productivity and meeting the businesses expectations at the lowest possible cost or, at least, a comparable cost to our peers.  Quality is important now because of it's impact on productivity. My new acquaintance thought about this for a moment and said, "You would think that the most successful companies would have IT organizations that turned out the most projects at the lowest unit cost and the best quality.  That's how most industries work." Anyone got any examples of IT organizations that do this consistently?  Does your company?

Written by Michael D. Harris at 19:43
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