Technology Firms in the recession - Here we go again?

Economist January 17, 2009 "Technology Firms in the recession - Here we go again" The Economist quoted Forrester Research figures which predict that technology purchases will decline by 3% in 2009 and increase by 9% in 2010 when counted in dollars. However, when they discount the effect of the dollars expected strength in 2009, the actual technology spend is expected to increase by 3%. That's certainly cheery news! The logic is that technology firms are actually quite lean already and certainly spending on IT is, "...fairly low on the list of things to cut." Of course, the Economist reminds us that the IT industry, "cannot defy gravity." Both of these points bear out my own experience of the past month. Companies are significantly more reluctant to spend but, in many cases, they are not really sure why. They are adopting a "just in case the worst happens" approach which may, if anything, be the very approach that brings on the worst.

Written by Michael D. Harris at 20:48
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