CEO's top 5 concerns before and after the crisis

Report from the IAOP Global Outsourcing Summit 2009 in Carlsbad, California #3 The Conference Board in CEO Challenge 2008-Financial Crisis Edition — features an analysis of the matched sample of responses of 190 CEOs, chairmen, and company presidents who participated in The Conference Board CEO Challenge 2008 survey fielded in July and August, and then took the time to fill out the survey a second time in October, following the recent economic downfall.  When asked to rate their greatest concerns from among 94 different challenges, the matched sample of chief executives participating in this year's survey chose excellence of execution as their top challenge for the second year in a row. But 46.7% of survey participants — up from roughly half that (24.5%) in the summer — were most concerned about speed, flexibility and adaptability to change. Global economic performance (44.6%) and financial risk including liquidity, volatility and credit risk (43.8%) were the fourth and fifth most pressing concerns, but were not in the Top 10 list of concerns in the summer survey. Business confidence also jumps into the Top 10, moving up 25 ranks from 34th out of 94 challenges to 9th. Those rating business confidence as being one of their "greatest concerns" rose four-fold from 9.1% in July/August to 36.3% in October. Conference Board Report - Top 5 CEO Concerns Before and After Crisis

Written by Michael D. Harris at 01:27




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