What CEOs want from CIO's

A colleague pointed me at an interesting dialogue between InformationWeek's Bob Evans and his readers with the above title.  Bob started the dialogue with an article that listed the eight top priorities that he believes CEO's have for CIO's.  Good list.  Good article.  While I support the whole list, my eyes naturally scanned down to #8, "Create a massively transparent organization with all metrics focused on business value." Yes! While these articles sometimes end with a rhetorical request for readers to send their thoughts (My requests are NEVER rhetorical), in this case, Bob followed up with an article describing some of the responses.  Somewhat unusually, the responses were great and really added something useful to the original. For example, executive searcher Judy Homer offered four suggestions on the types of business-value "evidence" those CEOs are looking for: "During their interviews they are asked to provide metrics and concrete examples of: 1. How they have contributed to their companies' success and market share. 2. How they've increased the level of customer satisfaction and improved the efficiency of the business through the products and/or services they've delivered. 3. What their strategic plan would be for delivering value during the first 6-18 months in their new role. 4. How they've controlled the cost of delivering effective IT solutions." I'd go one step further and say that all CIO's should ask themselves these four questions every year. Bob Evans Original Article Reader responses

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