CIO's - Saving money is not enough!

I hate to recommend two articles by the same person in quick succession but I have just seen another article by Bob Evans at on the above topic.  This resonates because I heard the same message in almost the same words at the IAOP Global Outsourcing Summit last week.  In this case, Bob is arguing that while CIO's must cut costs when necessary (like now for many), we cant afford to ignore innovation.  This reminded me of another pet best practice of mine which was part of my comment back to Bob on his article: "One other thought: I have been advocating for some time the need to build flexibility into IT strategies to allow right sizing of the IT organization to the current and foreseeable (about 20 minutes!) needs of the business and the economy. In short, acknowledge and plan for good and bad times ahead - they are both coming. This means analyzing how the IT organization can and must change in response to key parameters that drive the business. Two of these parameters might be sales and innovation needs." Bob Evans article

Written by Michael D. Harris at 17:14




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