2009 - A "year of austerity"?

In Phil LaPlante's article in the IEEE's "IT Professional" magazine (Nov/Dec 2008), he reviews his IT predictions for 2008 (some good, some bad) and is brave enough to give us another set for 2009.  Of the 2009 predictions, it's hard to argue that we are facing a tough couple of years for IT staff budgets.  Phil suggests that the response will be increased automation and outsourcing and that may be true but both require investment and I cannot help but think that IT departments will simply be asked to do more with less.  It certainly seems that this will mean working smarter with more application of metrics and targeted searches for improvements.  Again, the unwillingness to take on investments will probably mean targeted improvements in poor performing areas that are compliant with best practices rather than the major CMMI or ITIL initiatives that we have seen in the past. Interestingly, Phil predicts less money spent on business intelligence initiatives.  He does not expect to see activity decreasing in this area but rather expects to see more use of open-source solutions (of which, he claims, there are at least 263 instances on SourceForge). To access SourceForge, visit: SourceForge.net If you want to access the article, go to: IT Professional General Index

Written by Michael D. Harris at 16:13
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