Run IT as a Business!

With all budgets under scrutiny, In-house IT operations can expect to come under greater scrutiny and pressure.  In November's Baseline Magazine, Michael Vizard argues that the only way for an internal IT organization can avoid being usurped by an external IT Service company is run itself like a business.  Vizard says, "The challenge facing most internal IT organizations is that they never really learned to operate as  businesses.  Instead, they are usually viewed as an opaque cost center that most business executives dont understand:  These execs don't know how much money is invested in what technologies or how many people are needed to deliver what level of service." I agree wholeheartedly.  The solution is for IT organizations to think in terms of the value they deliver through the products and services that their customers (the business execs) consume.  This is why it is vital for IT organizations to measure their operations, provide value visualization for their customers and make improvements based on the decisions and priorities that their customers establish from the value visualization ( VVF ). For Vizard's full article go to: IT Needs to run like a Business

Written by Michael D. Harris at 21:37



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