Earned Value Management - Agile Development

Two great articles in one edition (April 2009) of SoftwareTech (www.softwaretechnews.com).  As you may have gathered, I really like the Agile methodology in the right circumstances but even I feel sometimes that fitting agile into the constraints of a government IT group is just one too many boulders to push uphill.  This article by John Rusk lightens the weight o the boulder considerably by presenting a way to combine EVM with an agile approach.  The genius (like all great genius) is so simple I could kick myself. John looks at the burn chart as a simple version of EVM.  Of course it is!  He offers a 7 step implementation approach and a bunch of other good advice which I wont repeat here because you should read the article!  Thanks John. Tags:

Written by Michael D. Harris at 17:04



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