How Good are your Decisions?

Eight out of ten business leaders say they "make major decisions with missing or untrusted information," according to an IBM survey reported by Eileen Feretic in the print versions of Baseline (May 2009).  The best measurement systems and metrics are those that enable business leaders (including CIOs) to make important decisions. You would think that delivering this measurement information would be a key value contribution of the IT Department and sometimes that is true.  Unfortunately, all too often the IT Department is part of the problem.  The CIO cannot even provide metrics on the value of IT never mind the rest of the business.  Ms Feretic quotes from her interview with Dr David Friend, CEO of Palladium Group, "IT needs to be the keeper of the truth, the enabler of good decision making.  It can't just spew out data.  It has to provide insight along with the information in order to help managers make good decisions." If you are a CIO or a senior IT manager reading this, can you put your hand on your heart and say out loud that you are doing a good job of this?  What about for the IT department?

Written by Michael D. Harris at 18:10



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