The value of a network - is this useful for IT?

When Karen Evans was working in the Office of Management and Budget in the US government, I thought that a lot of what she said and did made good sense.  Hence, when I saw a short article by her in the July/August edition of the IEEE's IT Professional" magazine, I took notice. The article introduces (to me, at least) Beckstrom's Law.  Rod Beckstrom asserts that the net present value of any network to any individual is equal to the sum of the net present value of the benefit of all transactions less the net present value of the costs of all transactions on the network over any given period of time. Although it still leaves the question of how to capture all value delivered on consumed on the same scale (presumably financial), it seems that this transactional approach can be abstracted quite easily to any transaction based service e.g IT services as described from an ITIL perspective. Useful?

Written by Michael D. Harris at 14:39



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