Risk Management for Major Projects - a new book

Keith Baxter has achieved two very worthwhile successes in this book. First, he has crafted an excellent practical guide to implementing a risk management program for projects. Second, he describes a non-traditional approach to identifying, evaluating and managing risks which promises to save a lot of time wasted in many organizations on "imagination-based risks" to projects because these organizations confuse disaster recovery (e.g. How will my project be affected if the polar ice cap melts?) with real project management (e.g. What happens to our estimates if the promised resources do not show up in week 12?). Baxter recommends viewing risks as events that contradict the assumptions upon which the project plan is based. Capturing the project plan assumptions and predicting what could happen if events contradict these assumptions allows for monitoring of clearly identified and understood events during the project. The "Fast Track to Success" format was a little distracting to me at first but this book contains a lot of meat! Keith Baxters book on Amazon

Written by Michael D. Harris at 19:52



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