Importance of the customer experience to corporate strategy

Interesting survey result in the June 2010 edition of CIO Magazine.  90% of respondents to a survey by Forrester Research reported that customer experience was "critical" or "very important" to the corporate strategy.  No surprise there.  The responses on the obstacles to improving customer experience were very revealing:

  • 53% (over half) reported "No clear strategy for improving the customers experience
  • 50% expressed a "Need for customer-experience management processes."
  • 49% are experiencing "insufficient cooperation across groups"
  • 32% report a "lack of understanding about customers"

If any of this sounds familiar, you need help!  Give us a call or work it out yourselves.  All of these are solvable but the third bullet rings particular true across the business-IT interface.  We run across this all the time with our clients and it improvements in breaking down internal barriers DO benefit customers!

Written by Michael D. Harris at 11:33
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