Estimate Early; Estimate Faster with SEER Estimate by Comparison

The SEER estimate by Comparison capability is something that I talk about a lot to company's who are really struggling because their SWAG approach to estimating projects is neither repeatable nor coherent.  Often, the projects they are failing miserably to estimate professionally are mission-critical either for deliverables to customers or for internal investment (budget) planning. At some point, these estimate amateurs may need to base their estimates on a repeatable sizing approach (of which Function Points is just one option) but they need to change their ways quickly so I often talk to them about doing estimates by comparison using SEER. Even if you don't see yourself buying a tool right now, I recommend investigating this approach so you can attend in real time or review later.  The technique is powerful even if the tool is not right for you.  DCG can also provide the tool as a Service so you can pilot the application or just use it a few times every year for this really important estimates.  For more information on this service, you can contact David Herron at The Estimate by Comparison application has traditionally been used to empower users to develop an understanding of software size; the single most significant driver of development cost, effort, and schedule for software projects.  However, SEER Estimate by Comparison has evolved and can be utilized with all of the SEER solutions to provide an insight into effective definition of scope through a series of project analogies and/or comparisons to a user's repository of past projects, thus helping users to develop a reliable estimate on a project's scope even when information is scarce. SEER Estimate by Comparison further adds capability to the project team when used in a more contemporary manner. It can be manipulated in such a manner that a wide realm of subjective, qualitative alternatives can be evaluated in context of the project as a whole in a robust, repeatable and ultimately measureable manner.

Written by Michael D. Harris at 13:15



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