Reporting from the IAOP 2011 World Outsourcing Summit ...

Attended various presentations today but found the IT outsourcing presentation by the PETCO team one of the best of the day.  In particular, Herman Neil and Amanda Sweeney highlighted an interesting and often ignored benefit of outsourcing IT for organizations whose core business is not IT. For PIA compliance in the US, customers credit card numbers have to be handled very carefully.  Some time after outsourcing their call center operations to Sutherland Global Services in the Philippines, the issue came up about how to avoid having the call center staff finding out customer credit card numbers.  Sutherland suggested that they would invest in an IVR solution that allows callers to enter their credit card number on the phone so that CSR's would never see it. Neil and Sweeney pointed out that not only was this a great example of a provider being innovative and investing in a providing a better service but also, because they could use the IVR solution with other clients, the cost was a revenue generating investment for Sutherland.  Neil contrasted that with the way that it would have appeared in PETCO as pure cost.

Written by Michael D. Harris at 23:37


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