Another set of ABCs for Risk Management

From Pankaj Ghemawat, "World 3.0," if you are designing a risk management system you really need to consider:
A = Alarms: early warning systems that things might be going wrong
B = Breakers: to curb contagion like circuit breakers for electricity
C = Cushions:  ways to soften the impact if the projected risk actually happens especially for those areas that will sufer most from the impact.
This book is crammed full of thought-provoking facts. For example, "Nearly 80 percent of India's IT exports go to the United States and United Kingdom." It certainly made me re-examine whether my view of the inevitably of India's dominence in software engineering was simply a prodcut of my own British-American perspective. I certianly advise anyone interested in import/export business to look at the cartogram based on CAGE distance in the book and maybe to access the calclulation system on Ghemawat's website
Written by Michael D. Harris at 14:26



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