Disposable Innovation

The "Secret CIO" column in the May 16, 2011 edition of information week (written under the pseudonym John McGreavy) is worth a read for anyone trying to be innovative in a large organization.  One paragraph in particular resonated with my experiences,

"The rate of change within our business has increased. We're in an era of disposable innovation.  Innovate, and get on with it.  If an idea fails, move on to the next one.  We need to institute changes more quickly.  We don't have the time we used to have to build consensus."

Just last week, I was working with a client who sees the need to make a number of changes.  The first one is in place in less than 2 months after a crash implementation.  It's fair to say that it has the tiniest of beachheads in the organization.  The next urgent challenge is just around the corner but what should the priority be - getting that first change institutionalized or grabbing attention for the next one?  Of course, they must both be done in parallel but key stakeholders are already resisting the change not (I don't think) because they are change averse but rather because they (perhaps rightly) worry about loss of control with rapid change. As the information week article puts it,

"Building consensus will result in a much stronger commitment to this new approach, but can we really afford the time to achieve it?"  
Written by Michael D. Harris at 09:10
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