State of the CIO 2012 ( & IT-CMF

In the December 15 2011/January 1, 2012 print edition of CIO magazine, a center-spread of key responses to the "State of the CIO 2012" survey were published.  One interesting chartshows "The Way Others See You," or "How you think business leaders perceive IT."

The work we have been doing with the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) and IT-CMF has revealed some interesting data on the differences in business and IT perceptions the way the business sees IT.  Generally, IT leaders see themselves as viewed more as peers by their business colleagues than is actually the case.  In the diagram below, I have taken advantage of the fact that the CIO magazine survey questions used very similar labels to the IT-CMF "Managing IT like a Business" maturity levels to map the survey responses to IT-CMF maturity levels. The mapping , while admittedly imprecise, appears to show that over half of respondents believe that the business views them very positively - as an IT partner, business peer or business game changer.  The IT-CMF benchmark data which covers hundreds of companies assessed so far suggests that this view - essentially saying that over half of IT Departments have an IT-CMF "Managing IT like a Business" maturity above level 3 - is wildly optimistic.   [caption id="attachment_682" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="CIO magazine "State of the CIO 2012" - The Way Others See You"]State of the CIO 2012[/caption]   Mike Harris DCG President

Written by Michael D. Harris at 18:55



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