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Recently Mike Harris was interviewed on Critical Mass: Coast to Coast, a radio show where business owners and experts sharetheir ideas and insights to help everyone make better, more informed decisions (listen in here).

During the interview Mike touches on a lot of interesting IT-related topics, while also shedding light on what we do here at DCG and how we help our customers. We'll be sharing some of those sound bites via a series of blog posts starting with this one: who is David Consulting Group?


Founded in 1994 by David Garmus and David Herron (hence the name David Consulting Group!), DCG is a niche consulting company, focused on helping our clients get more value out of their IT.

Mike Harris bought the company in 2006, but retained the services of both Davids, industry-acknowledged authorities in software estimation, sizing and measurement.

Historically, DCG's focus has been helping our clients improve their software development by better measurement and processes.

However, in the last few years we've started to move into the broader IT field to help CIOs, CFOs and CEOs deliver bottom-line value from their IT programs. What does that mean?

Well, a lot of companies are relatively immature in their software development. Frequently, a company's software development is done by a few key people that keep things running. Our job is to come in and actually measure what they're doing and compare that to industry best practices. In areas where we see gaps - such as weaknesses in estimation - we work on improving them to bring them up-to or above industry average best practices.

In some cases, like estimation, what we measure and adjust may seem obscure, but those areas typically drive budgets, budgets drive results and that gets straight to the bottom line. Our ultimate goal is to improve a company's software development to have a valued impact on the bottom line.

Listen to Mike discuss this topic in a clip from the interview.


Sarah Weddle
Marketing Associate / Social Media Strategist

Written by Michael D. Harris at 07:28



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