5 Signs You’re Getting Fired For Wasting IT Value

Organizations invest millions in IT budgets. What do they get for it? Equipment and manpower that simply keeps the servers humming and devices connected – or do they get more? Competitive organizations run by proactive CIOs understand how to demonstrate measureable IT value for the investment that is made. Here are five signs you’re wasting your opportunity to showcase what IT is doing for the business:

5. You ask your customers, “Are we more of a maintenance organization or an innovator,” and they laugh in response.

4. You ask your CEO if in the coming two years IT will become more critical to the business, and he hands you a map to India and says look into travel costs to Bangalore.

3. You ask your IT staff to begin integrating business users into release planning meetings, and they say, “Those clowns – why?”

2. You ask your peers where the annual strategic planning meetings are being held, and they look very uncomfortable and mumble, “Have you seen the latest organizational chart?”

1. At the end of your annual performance review with the CEO, he hands you a Gartner report on how the CIO will be extinct by 2017.

Stay alert! Don’t wait for these signs before you start figuring out what you can do to show the business the value of IT.

What other signs should alert CIOs and senior IT executives be on the lookout for – and what are your suggestions for demonstrating value?

Tony Timbol
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Written by Michael D. Harris at 07:00
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