The Need to Visualize the Value

IT and Business CollaborationAre you maximizing the value of your software development initiatives? Are your business units and IT departments working together towards the same goals? Do you have metrics readily available to make decisions about altering - or stopping a project altogether - at any point during the development process when a project is off track?

Software development initiatives today are often driven by the technology used and the time to completion. IT is typically not focused on the value the initiative will deliver.

Through collaboration, the IT team can receive the necessary details about the economic value of a software development initiative to make tactical decisions that will result in the desired business and economic outcomes. Organizations need to stop keeping IT in the dark when it comes to the value details for their initiatives (or they need to acknowledge that they are lazy about detailing them) and enable IT to become part of the ROI solution.

With a clear understanding of the business and economic value, both the business and IT can be held accountable for specific outcomes, including keeping the software development priorities focused on those projects with the greatest value.

Visit to learn how all stakeholders can visualize the value of a software development project.

Mike Harris
DCG President


Written by Michael D. Harris at 05:00
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