Top Blog Posts of 2015

Every December we like to share our top blog posts from the past year. This year we thought, "Why wait until December?" Of course, we encourage you to follow the pack and see why these posts are so popular! They cover the range of our areas of focus (Agile, function points, TMMi, estimation and more!), so there's a little something for everyone! Without further adieu, here are the top 5 blog posts (the ones that have the most views this year) from January through June of 2015:

1. Estimating Software Maintenance - Learn more about a unique and proven approach for estimating maintenance and support activities using a new type of "sizing" model.

2. Agile Transformation of the Organization - The key to successfully implementing enterprise Agile is to implement strategic change. Learn how!

3. How to Manage Vendor Performance - Learn how you can use Function Point Analysis to measure your vendor's performance.

4. Scaling Agile Testing Using the TMMi - The Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) is a framework for effective testing in an Agile environment. Learn how to put it to use.

5. Exploratory Testing and Technical Debt - Exploratory testing (ET) is a type of manual testing. Learn more about the type of technical debt it creates.

Be sure to check back in December to see how that list compares to this one!

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