Join DCG-SMS at the Digital Transformation Conference


On June 25th, DCG-SMS is headed to the Inmarsat Conference Centre in London for UNICOM's series of co-located conferences. The schedule includes: The DevOps Summit, Next Generation Testing, Digital Transformation and Programme & Project Management.

All four conference tracks are open to all attendees, so there will definitely be something for everyone there! We're looking forward to the mix of presentations, panels and discussions. If you want to find us at the conference, the first place to look will be the exhibition hall, where we'll have a booth.

Mike Harris will also be presenting as part of the Digital Transformation track. His presentation, "A SMAC in the Face for Enterprise Software Development," will discuss how organizations need to prepare for the changes that organizations are facing due to social media, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC). He will offer some ideas for how organizations should prepare for these changes, particularly in terms of improving the flow of business value.

We hope to see you at the event! We also would encourage you to stay in touch with UNICOM (they run conferences all year) via their social media accounts, if you're interested in more information:

  • Twitter: @UNICOMSeminars
  • LinkedIn: UNICOM Seminars
  • Blog:
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