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Better Agile conference

Last month Mike Harris and Tom Cagley attended the Better Agile and Software Development East conference. At the Better Software Conference, attendees learn about the latest tools, trends and challenges regarding software development approaches, plan-driven development methods and process improvement programs. The Agile Development Conference is for those seeking more information about Agile practices, processes, technologies and principles.

Tom Cagley, Vice President of Consulting, presented at the Agile track of the conference. His presentation, "Managing Risk in Agile Development: It Isn't Magic!" discussed how the implementation of Agile processes allows you to avoid spending significant time analyzing risks, while making it very difficult for an unseen risk to sneak up on your project.

Mike Harris, CEO, presented at the Better Software track of the conference. His presentation, "Visualization to Improve Value Delivery," provided an overview of the key elements of flow theory and shared five simple but essential metrics—value visualization—for defining and tracking business value.

Both presentations are available for download! Hit "Download" below to receive both of the presentations in one file.


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