How Software Value Can Impact Competitive Positioning

Mike HarrisSome might argue that a CEO should not be concerned with software development initiatives; instead, they should be focused on more strategic aspects of the business. I do not argue that the CEO is the visionary of the company and should turn to his/her executive team to manage the details; however, today, software is entwined in almost every aspect of an organization and can significantly impact the success of a business.

CEOs need to be focused on guiding his or her team to gain or keep a competitive advantage. In today’s technology-dependent business world, software is typically leveraged to enable businesses to be more efficient and effective, helping to lower costs and increase profits. Therefore, if the CEO’s vision is to be the lowest-cost/highest-value provider of a certain product, for example, and a software application needs to be developed to allow them to streamline a process to be able to offer their product at a lower cost while still providing greater value to their customers, then the CEO will be very interested in how quickly this software solution can be developed.

Time to market can be a critical factor in gaining a competitive advantage. In the rapidly changing banking industry, for example, banks need to continually offer new products and services in order to retain their existing customers and attract new ones. Most of these new offerings are driven by software. If they are unable to develop a software application quickly enough to beat their competitors, then they run the risk of losing customers and prospects.

If the CEO understands the business value of a software application and that it will help fulfill their vision, then they are likely to also be concerned whether or not it’s being prioritized appropriately so that it can be developed, implemented and brought to the market as quickly as possible to maintain high customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. 

How involved is your CEO in your software development initiatives?

Mike Harris
DCG President & CEO


Written by Michael D. Harris at 05:00
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